If it's liked, it's allowed

If it's liked, it's allowed – our daily bread is not simply what's trendy; we're all about styles of the time, personal inclinations, everyday contemporary products with a touch of inspiration, vogue, and the influences of other cultural regions. Our challenge is to produce a self-sufficient mix: sound basics combined with the unexpected. In this way, we'll always be able to discover niche markets early on and set ourselves aside from the others.

For 50 years now, our passion has not been brands but products! Our choices are not determined by the scene or by current trends; instead, we concentrate on making sure that our customers enjoy shopping with us. We don't want to be hip. We want to be independent, personal, and provocative. We don't place our customers into boxes based on their age, sex, or hair colour – we focus on allowing people to reveal their personality. As a shop, we try to create an unmistakeable style that's neither ahead of its time nor chasing after other brands. Our aim is to provide an exciting shopping experience and to constantly fascinate and surprise our customers.

KITCHENER PLUS is the logical expansion of our tried-and-trusted concept. It takes into account demographic developments which have taken place. Since style is not a question of age, we believe that our job is to orientate our product offering towards the requirements and desires of customers who may well have outgrown the trials and tribulations of youth but who still want to be stylish, show off their own individual propensities, and get to grips with the world of fashion. For years now we have been fascinated by the innovative yet unpretentious fashion of Scandinavia and other countries.

We enhance our product offering with goods and brands from all around the world – items which are both stylish and functionally impressive. Our product range includes super-functional, lightweight products from brands such as Patagonia, The North Face, and Haglöfs as well as top-quality items made from organic cotton, silk, and wool which impress our customers due to their natural functionality.

We are not interested in the kind of fashion which will be replaced by the next big trend as soon as the new season starts. We value individuality rather than mainstream fads and try to follow the signs of the times while acting responsibly towards the environment and society and concentrating on sustainability as well as style and function.

The clothes we wear and the products we use each day really should meet these new criteria. So products should be assessed with regard to their reusability, environmental friendliness, material efficiency, non-hazardous nature, and – last but not least – the social acceptability of their production conditions. The perfect product does not yet exist, but we are striving to orient our activities towards these fundamental aspects of sustainable product design. We're not about pomp and circumstance. We just want to supply great products which fully reflect all of our responsibilities.

Kitchener Brands: 24 Bottles / A.P.C. / Aesop / Anorak / Anthology - Paris / Aqua Monaco / Arabica Food And Spice / Armed Angels / Baggy Port / Barena Venezia / Beatriz Furest / Becksöndergaard / Bellerose / Bensimon / Birkenstock / Blackwing / Bobo Choses / Bohicket / Bongo Joe / Bonne Maison / Bosabo / Bric-a-brac / Brooklyn Brew Shop / Brooklyn Soap Company / Brooks England Ltd / Buttero / Camper / Carhartt WIP / Casimier / Chloé Stora / Cinelli / Closed / Dakine / Dickies / Dockers / Donna Wilson / Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap / Edwin / Elvine / Escentric Molecules / Fabio Rusconi / Falcon Enamelware / Filippa K / Fjällraven / Fog Linen Work / Freitag Fundamentals / Freitag Reference Collection / G.R.P. / Garçoa / Gather Journal / Glen Prince / Glen Somefin / Gorilla Gardening / HAY / Haeckels / Hansel from Basel / Happy Socks / Hatley / Herschel Supply Co. / Hestra / Honest Jon's / House Of Rym / Hudson Shoes / Humanoid / Hyperlight Mountain Gear / Inis Meain / Jealous Sweets / Jo Gordon / John Smedley / José Gourmet / Kestin Hare / Kikkerland / King Louie / Kitchener Items / Klötzli Messerschmiede / Kowtow / La Paz / Levis / Lightning Bolt / Lilimill / Linck Keramik / Lola Cola / Macon & Lesquoy / Malle w. Trousseau / Margaret Howell / Maska / Misericordia / Mississippi Records / Mois Mont / Murdock London / Mürbel / Nana Bijoux / Nasire Bags / New Balance / Nice Things / Norse Projects / Nu_be / Nudie Jeans / Obey / Paper & Tea / Patagonia / Paul Smith / Penfield / People Tree / Pet Lamps / Petit Bateau / Petromax / Picnik / Pike Brothers / Polaroid Originals / Poler / Portuguese Flannel / Qwstion / Rains / Red Wing Shoes / Rivieras / Rue Blanche / Sahel Sounds / Salthouse & Peppermongers / Sandqvist / Saskia Diez Jewellry / Savon Stories / Schönstaub / Sessun / Siyu / Soeder / Sorel / Spring Court / Stan Ray / Studio Arhoj / Studio Mason / Stutterheim / Suit / Tattly / Tentsile Tents / Tiny Cottons / Toms Shoes / Trois Petits Points / Universal Works / VIU / Veja / Velvet / Vialis / Wallace#Sewell / Winter Water Factory / Wood Wood / Woolrich / Zespà, Aix-en-Provence